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Chicago with its Suburbs.

Chicagoland includes the City of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

1. Central

3. Border Communities.

City founded: 1833

Windy City, City of Big Shoulders, Second City

Urbs in Horto ("City in a Garden")

Greater metropolitan population (2000):
9.1 Million

short, chilly springs; hot, humid summers;
cool, pleasant autumns; long, cold winters.

Known for:
Academics, Architecture, Art, Blues, Business, Commodities, Jazz, Lake Michigan, Poetry, Multiethnic Culture, Pizza, Science, Storied History, Sports, Writers, World's Fairs

Major airports:
O'Hare, Midway


For a traveler not experienced with the Great Lakes region, the idea of "Chicago" may invoke images of a landlocked, scaled-down version of America's coastal metropolises. Even casual visitors to the Windy City sometimes depart with the impression that the small, tourist-friendly network of attractions at the city's very core constitutes the extent of its offerings. In reality, the Chicago area, or "Chicagoland", as many call it, extends for more than fifty miles North, West, South, and Southeast from its center, across forests, prairies, shorelines, and river valleys, spanning portions of three states, twelve counties, and hundreds of municipalities, with more than nine million people making it their home.

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